“Elmapi" is a French composer, singer and drummer, hailing from the underground electronic music scene of Paris. Elmapi is also Elise Pierre, the founder and co-operator with Emmanuelle de Hericourt of the French label Lentonia Records, dedicated to the promotion of female singer/composers, largely of the electro-pop genre (EDH, Kim Ki O, Judith Juillerat, Perrine en Morceaux, Madmoizel, Cazzurillo, Alex June, etc). After releasing two albums, “Pop-in”(2005) and “Arcane Electronique” (2006, mastered by Andy Moor of The EX), Elmapi teamed up with the vampler Matterlink (sound/image video remixer) (US). As “Video Love" they released “Mon Ange” in 2012 on Lentonia Records. In 2015 she released a new Elmapi EP “Circé” . Lentonia Records will release her 3rd album “Desido” in 2017. Since 2014, Elmapi has been based in Washington D.C.


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